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Why Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing?

Does your company have an email list? If not, you're missing out on many opportunities. You may be thinking - email is old technology. Plus, I already use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so I know and can touch my customers when I want.

Why should I care about email marketing!?

The fact is, marketing is a science. The purpose of all your social media presence is to create awareness and interest in your brand in the marketplace. When someone gets interested in your service or product, they'll "Like" your page or profile.

When that interest leads to trust and curiosity, they'll click on a link to your website or to an invitation to try you out. At that point, they have entered what is called your marketing "funnel" - a process that converts visitors to customers and champions of your products.

When a web site visitor likes what they see on your website or what they read of your product or service, they'll sign up for your email list. When they do, you know they're interested and now, you can approach them with offers and freebies that cater to their particular needs.