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Managed Cloud Web Hosting

If you're shopping for a new web hosting provider or if you're simply reevaluating your options, you will find thousands of providers on the Internet. Naturally, you might be tempted to make a decision strictly based on price. We get that. Money is important. 

Listen to what one of our customers recently had to say about our web hosting platform:

"Your web hosting platform is so easy to use. You save us money every year compared to every other hosting provider we've ever used!"

We get it. How can you trust a testimonial from a company you don't know? You can't.

But here's something you can trust: if you try our web hosting platform free for 30 days, and don't like it, we'll move your website elsewhere, all at no cost to you. That's how confident we are in our platform.

One Of The Best On The Market

Here's a shortlist of features that make our platform stand out:  
  • Free SSL Certificates (a free $125+ value per year). Inspire confidence in your site visitors by securing their data
  • Host multiple websites (applications) per account - for the same price!
  • Automatic daily backups for 30 days. Web site hacked? No problem! Easily restore it from backups in minutes. 
  • 24/7 Support (yes, 24 hours around the clock) You'll never be home alone with your website issues
  • Super-fast website using two web servers per account (Apache + Nginx) and CDN (content distribution networks)
  • Automatic reminders to upgrade your websites (Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla...)
  • Run-on enterprise-grade Cloud providers (Google, AWS, Digital Ocean and more)
  • And so much more - all starting from as low as USD $10 a month!

Still using shared hosting? Or don't know what sort of hosting your website is running on? Don't get burned. Learn the Hidden Costs Of Shared-hosting.

Two Ways To Order

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we partnered with Cloudways, the #1 Managed Cloud Hosting Platform, for our professional web hosting service. You can order in one of two ways: directly from our partner by yourself, or through us to our partner, as managed payments. See the comparison below: 

Direct Payments Starting At


  • You Make 12 Monthly Payments Per Year
  • You Pay Our Partner Directly Online
  • Using Credit Cards like Visa or Mastercard
  • Or PayPal Or Similar
  • Pay Standard Partner Rates

Managed Payments Starting At


  • You Make 1 Convenient Annual Payment
  • You Pay Us, We Pay Our Partner Monthly
  • Using Bank Wire, PayPal, CashApp
  • Or CashApp or CryptoCurrency
  • Pay 10% More + USD $2.00

Web Hosting

24/7 Support
Daily Automated Backups
Free SSL Certificates
Multiple Apps Per Account
CDN - Content Delivery Network
Team Management Console
Granular Security Control
Code Deployment via Git
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Nigeria Webhosting
Rwanda Webhosting
Cameroon Webhosting
Ghana Webhosting
Kenya Webhosting
South Africa Webhosting

Cloud Email

24/7 Support
Automated Backups
Native Mobile Support
Unlimited Users
Less than $2 per user per month
Document Storage Available
Admin Control Panel
Free Email Service Migration
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Kenya Corporate Email
Egypt Corporate Email
Ghana Corporate Email
Nigeria Corporate Email
South Africa Corporate Email
Rwanda Corporate Email

Business Apps

Enterprise-grade Open-source ERP
Enterprise-grade Open-source CRM
Hosted SMS Marketing Platform
Hosted Email Marketing Platform
Time Management Software
Cloud Communications: Voice, Video & Telephone
Secure, Highly Available, Scalable

Ghana SMS & Email Marketing
Nigeria SMS & Email Marketing
Kenya SMS & Email Marketing
Rwanda SMS & Email Marketing
South Africa SMS & Email Marketing
Cameroon SMS & Email Marketing
Senegal SMS & Email Marketing

Data & Analytics

Enterprise-grade Open-source Analytics Platform
Enterprise-grade Open-source Data Integration Platform
Fast, Robust & Flexible
Hosted in Cloud or On-Prem - your choice
Custom Solutions Development

Cameroon Data & Analytics
Nigeria Data & Analytics
Rwanda Data & Analytics
South Africa Data & Analytics
Kenya Data & Analytics
Senegal Data & Analytics
Ghana Data & Analytics