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Data Integration

Today, you may be running your business using a notebook or a ledger. Or you may be using spreadsheets - Excel or Google Spreadsheets - to keep track of your operations. If you're like some businesses in Africa, you may be running your business on your smartphone, using SMS or text messaging to keep track of customers, orders, etc... You may also have an account at a local bank that sends you monthly statements as PDFs or as Excel files.

As your business grows, the data about your operations will grow. Not just the volume of data, but the complexity of the data. To grow and succeed, you have to start organizing your data in a way that empowers you and your business. This may mean taking your banking data and merging that with your CRM or ERP data to reconcile your bank balance.

You can painstakingly do this by hand, using a spreadsheet. To be more efficient, we can help you by using Data Integration tools and techniques to automate your processes. For example, we could build a solution that emails you and your staff an end-of-day report of your sales activity, including your bank balance and transactions made through any 3rd party vendors. 

Kalahari Digital is skilled at a number of open-source tools, including Pentaho Data Integration and Talend. We can build custom solutions that integrate all your business' data, allowing it to be presented in clean and easy-to-use dashboards and reports taht you and your staff can consume.

Contact us today to start using your data to your advantage!


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