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Succeed faster by digitizing
your operations reliably

From managed cloud hosting to professional email & cloud storage, to digital marketing, to business applications (CRM & ERP), to data integration and analytics - we've got you covered.

Do more by using the
right solution every time

Whether you're looking for application development, installation & configuration services, or need help solving a business challenge using technology, we can help. Contact us today.

Gain visibility into your
daily operations
in just a few clicks

From reporting, to dashboarding, to interactive OLAP analysis,
to big data analysis and machine learning, we implement
solutions that help you succeed

Communicate easily, frequently and professionally with your clients

Using our email, text messaging
and social media campaign solutions

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We don't sell IT services. We sell reliability.

Our work and our ethics are driven by our core values of integrity, service, and simplicity.

We commit to always doing the right thing in an honest, fair, and responsible way, not only for our customers but also for our team members and our company. We believe that mutual trust is essential for good business. We work hard to earn the trust of our customers by sticking to and delivering fully on our commitments and contractual obligations.
We value our customers and we express that through excellent customer service. From the moment we engage with you as a potential client, through on-boarding to the resolution of every issue, your satisfaction is important not only for your success, but ours too.

Albert Einstein once said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." We know every problem can be solved a dozen ways, however, we believe that solving problems the simplest way results in solutions that are effective, cost-saving and that stand the test of time.

You probably don't care about what we do.
You care about how we can help your business be more successful.

You'd be right in thinking so. We don't think of what we do as selling IT services. We think of it as selling reliability - the kind that keeps websites secured, automatically backed-up and running 24/7, email servers humming around the clock, and your staff well-informed of every sale and marketing campaign. Our solutions have one goal: enable you to focus on what is important to you - your customers.

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Some Clients We Support Reliably

Web Hosting

24/7 Support
Daily Automated Backups
Free SSL Certificates
Multiple Apps Per Account
CDN - Content Delivery Network
Team Management Console
Granular Security Control
Code Deployment via Git
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Nigeria Webhosting
Rwanda Webhosting
Cameroon Webhosting
Ghana Webhosting
Kenya Webhosting
South Africa Webhosting

Cloud Email

24/7 Support
Automated Backups
Native Mobile Support
Unlimited Users
Less than $2 per user per month
Document Storage Available
Admin Control Panel
Free Email Service Migration
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Kenya Enterprise Email
Egypt Enterprise Email
Ghana Enterprise Email
Nigeria Enterprise Email
South Africa Enterprise Email
Rwanda Enterprise Email

Business Apps

Enterprise-grade Open-source ERP
Enterprise-grade Open-source CRM
Hosted SMS Marketing Platform
Hosted Email Marketing Platform
Time Management Software
Voice, Video & Telephone
Secure, Highly Available, Scalable

Ghana Digital Marketing
Nigeria Digital Marketing
Kenya Digital Marketing
Rwanda Digital Marketing
South Africa Digital Marketing
Cameroon Digital Marketing

Data & Analytics

Open-source Analytics Platform
Open-source Data Integration Platform
Fast, Robust & Flexible
Hosted in Cloud or On-Prem - your choice
Custom Solutions Development

Cameroon Data & Analytics
Nigeria Data & Analytics
Rwanda Data & Analytics
South Africa Data & Analytics
Kenya Data & Analytics
Ghana Data & Analytics