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Local presence in 
Abuja, Nigeria
Accra, Ghana
Buea, Cameroon
Douala, Cameroon

Operations Hub
6595 Roswell Road,
Suite G2025,
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA

Web Hosting

24/7 Support
Daily Automated Backups
Free SSL Certificates
Multiple Apps Per Account
CDN - Content Delivery Network
Team Management Console
Granular Security Control
Code Deployment via Git
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Nigeria Webhosting
Rwanda Webhosting
Cameroon Webhosting
Ghana Webhosting
Kenya Webhosting
South Africa Webhosting

Cloud Email

24/7 Support
Automated Backups
Native Mobile Support
Unlimited Users
Less than $2 per user per month
Document Storage Available
Admin Control Panel
Free Email Service Migration
Cloud Hosted - Scales Infinitely

Kenya Enterprise Email
Egypt Enterprise Email
Ghana Enterprise Email
Nigeria Enterprise Email
South Africa Enterprise Email
Rwanda Enterprise Email

Business Apps

Enterprise-grade Open-source ERP
Enterprise-grade Open-source CRM
Hosted SMS Marketing Platform
Hosted Email Marketing Platform
Time Management Software
Cloud Communications: Voice, Video & Telephone
Secure, Highly Available, Scalable

Ghana Digital Marketing
Nigeria Digital Marketing
Kenya Digital Marketing
Rwanda Digital Marketing
South Africa Digital Marketing
Cameroon Digital Marketing

Data & Analytics

Enterprise-grade Open-source Analytics Platform
Enterprise-grade Open-source Data Integration Platform
Fast, Robust & Flexible
Hosted in Cloud or On-Prem - your choice
Custom Solutions Development

Cameroon Data & Analytics
Nigeria Data & Analytics
Rwanda Data & Analytics
South Africa Data & Analytics
Kenya Data & Analytics
Ghana Data & Analytics